New Balance Virtual Sales Meeting Q4 2019


Below you'll find category videos made by the NA Merchandising Team, aimed at educating you on our product launches and strategies planned for Q4 19.
Please watch all videos that apply to your channel directed assortment, and submit questions or comments on each video as you watch. We address all questions on the VSM Q&A call on 2/14.
As you watch, we recommend:
  • Have your channel DA deck (posted to Salesforce Chatter) ready to review/follow along
  • Leverage the GTM Guidebook for your sample list as well as the full DA Style lists (which includes most key style data attributes) and Tiering
  • Prepare your plans & pitch for selling these new items, and review your sales samples.

The Q4 19 Q&A call will be held on Wednesday, 2/14 at 3 p.m. EST. All account and sales managers are expected to participate in this call, and we will provide Ops, Merchandising and Marketing updates on that call!

Sales Meeting Opener Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Learn about the quarter's key goals, strategies and priorities as Kathy Hennessey, General Manager of NA RBU Merch...

Performance Running VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Mike Genovese, NB's budding amateur comedian and RBU merchant for Running, walks through the Running assortment,...

Running Spike/Comps VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Forget that Peter Breeze was ever a thing after Mike Genovese breezes through the Spikes and Comps collections for Q4...

Fitness Training/Walking VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Fitness Training and Walking updates come to life as Suzanne Geden provides an update sure to help you land some big...

Kids Performance VSM Q4 19 

Jan 30th, 2019

Luis Navarro, Sr. Merchandising Manager, walks through the Kids Performance updates for Q4 2019.

Kids Lifestyle & Kids Only VSM Q4 19 

Jan 30th, 2019

The fun continues with Luis Navarro providing a great update on the Kids Lifestyle and Kids Only stories for Q4 19.

Sandals VSM Q4 19 

Jan 30th, 2019

Luis Navarro walks through the brand new Sandals assortment, launching NB's own line of sandals that will replace the...

Lifestyle Opener VSM Q4 2019

Feb 1st, 2019

Jaime Roahen, Sr. Mechandising Manager for Lifestyle Product, provides an overview of the Q4 19 Lifestyle Assortment,...

Lifestyle 997 VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Jaime Roahen has a fresh last name and an even fresher set of updates for the key 997 franchises to share.

Lifestyle XRacer VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Learn all about the exciting XRacer franchise from Jaime Roahen!

Lifestyle 574 Sport & 247 VSM Q4 19

Jan 31st, 2019

574 Sport and 247v2 both have solid packs for Q4 19; watch Jaime Roahen explain why these are must lands for your...

Lifestyle 574 Classic VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Jaime Roahen walks through the Q4 19 updates to one of NB's tentpole franchises - the 574 Classic.

MADE Product VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

John Timulty, Product Manager for MiUSA Lifestyle, covers the MADE assortment for Q4 2019.

Tier 4 Lifestyle VSM Q4 19

Jan 30th, 2019

Suzanne Geden rounds out the Broad Distribution assortment with the Q4 19 Tier 4 Lifestyle assortment.